Tim Goldstein

Neurodiversity Communication Expert, Life of Asperger's Experience in the Entrepreneurial, Business, and Technical World, Speaker, Trainer, Consultant

US$ Speaker Fee: $7500 - $10,000

Languages: English

Travels From: Denver, CO, USA

Suggested Keynote Speeches & Programs

  • Engaging the Technical Worker to Improve Retention and Reduce Stress
  • Neurodiversity, What is It and Do I Have It or Need It
  • Standards and Practices for Supporting the Neurodiverse Technical Employee
  • Managing the Neurodiverse Technical Employee for the Non-technical
  • Geeks Guide To Interviews, Understanding and Passing the Interviews Soft Side for the Technical Mind

Tim Goldstein's Key Accomplishments Include. . .

Over 30 years combine computer programming and product engineering hands on technical experience.

12+ years consulting and contracting in database and business intelligence development and architecture

Founded and ran A2Z CNC, a manufacturing business, for 10 years creating multiple international brands

Decades of experience in retail and wholesale of specialty sporting goods with a primary focus on the bicycle industry.

Business and Technical management experience


Tim Goldstein

Speakers Bio

Combining a lifetime of undiagnosed Asperger’s Syndrome, decades of employee to owner business experience, and living in the technical world including 12 years as a consultant specializing in the Geek world of data Tim gained a unique perspective about the, at times humorous, interactions and clashes between the tech and business world. After being diagnosed as an Aspie at 54, Tim undertook interviewing decision makers in the technical hiring world on what geeks did poorly. He quickly realized how broadly Asperger’s, Autism, and ASD thinking impacted the communication process. Tim has created solutions for the technically minded improving communication by leveraging their strengths. At the same time using his “Cloud Neurodiversity” idea he helps the business world understand the Spock like logical approach of the technical world.


Tim Authored “Geeks Guide to Interviews: 15 Critical Items for the Technical Type” by combining the experience of his extensive personal interviewing with the critical input of the job decision makers.to create a new approach to the soft side of the interview. Tim has created common sense solutions for the corporate world to embrace it’s neurodiversity. By leverage the unique solutions offered by all configurations of neurodiversity including neurotypical we can reach much better decisions while improving retention, motivation, and recruiting. Tim has studied speaking, presentation, and training from some of the world’s foremost coaches. Regardless whether you agree or not with Tim’s ideas, you will be challenged with unique concepts presented in a manner that will keep you glued to your seat.