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Neurodiverse Communications Specialist

Snappy title, but so what? I bring my unique Triple Point perspective to solving your challenges with the business / tech communication barrier.

Whether trying to get a job or Engaging your Technical Workers through embracing Neurodiversity, I offer solutions built from my 1st hand experience of having Asperger's, Decades of Tech and Non-Tech Business.

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"I was lucky enough to work with Tim on a presentation for our global company on the topic of neurodiversity.
Working with Tim was a breeze: he was happy to cover general topics, as well as provide actionable tips to our workforce about how to be an effective teammate to colleagues with autism spectrum disorder, in line with our overall diversity & inclusion strategy.
Before and after the presentation, I heard from dozens of employees who felt the presentation was funny, engaging, and significantly improved their understanding of ASD and how to support colleagues with it.
I would highly recommend working with Tim!"

Aubrey Blanche
Atlassian Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion

Ways to expand your knowledge of Autism, ASD, Asperger's, HFA and other Neurodiverse minds. Learn Tim's unique Neuro Cloud™ concept, application and methods to bridge the Neurodiverse Communication Gap for your next interview or to increase your technical staff engagement and retention.


Sounds interesting, but confused? Just not sure if this is something for your organizations? Contact us for a no pressure, no sales discussion. We want to hear your needs not just sell you something.


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