10 Tips for the co-worker of the Talented and Challenging Tech Worker

Uncategorized Oct 05, 2018

In my expanding series of 10 Tips infographics this one is intended for the neurotypical (normal non-tech/non-geek people that are the majority of humans) that has to work with the Talented & Challenging Tech Worker (nice way to say geeks like me). I think these tips will give some unique insight into the hugely different way our minds work. The biggest take away is we are literal, logical, and see things only from our perspective. I like to say, It isn't that I don't care about your feelings, but that they don't even enter my thinking.


CLICK HERE to download a letter sized PDF of this tip sheet.

If you find these tips to be helpful, contact Neurodiverse Communication Specialist Tim Goldstein to learn how he can help your organization to understand and learn how to work with this hard to hire but critical segment.


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