Autistic Intent and Perceptions of Dubiousness : Guest Post

autisticgold Nov 16, 2019

This is the first guest post I have put on my blog. I met Tacy on LinkedIn through our common interest of life as an autistic adult. Tacy shared this with me and I thought it does such a great job of conveying the world as some of us on the  autism spectrum  experience it, I asked if I could share it and am very appreciative the answer was yes.
Tim G

Autistic Intent and Perceptions of Dubiousness
By Tacy Traverso, The Autistic Wolf

First, a quick story: One day, I was hanging out with a person I love, very much, and said person went to the fridge to grab some food to suffice for dinner. On the plate was a large pile of salami. I said “WOW, that’s a LOT of salami!” As it happens, this person has self-image challenges based on self-perception of weight. (Note, I hadn’t noticed a change in their weight, nor cared anyway.) After my comment, which I made because I had never seen that much salami on such a...

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