Teaching at Cornell University ILR College. Neurotypical Companies as Seen by the Neurodiverse


Amazing what can happen when you start down a path on nothing but faith. When Karen, my wife, and I started down this path to become part of the information/education business we had no idea where it would lead. The path has been more rugged and the commitments and opportunity grow every day. 

This is something I never imagined. I grew up not too far from Cornell so it was always a big name. I am also a community college dropout. Being able to teach a class and share my life experiences with a new generation was a privilege. 

My dad valued education highly even though he never had the option of pursuing it himself. I think the opportunity I was given would make him proud.

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Videos from, Communicating with the Non-Technical for the Tech Worker: Speech at Microsoft

speaking Jul 25, 2017

Finally got the opportunity to mix the sound with the video my daughter Joanna shot and edit some nice excerpts. Hope you like them and learn as much as I did explaining.

A quick high-level explanation of neurodiversity, neurotypical, and neurodiverse and how all this relates to the Tech / Non-Tech barrier.


The Bread Story. A personal story which illustrates the vast difference between my wife and myself.

What ticks off the non-tech neurotypical

I had a great time sharing an innovative new way to improve the Tech / Non-Tech divide using the ideas of Neurodiversity.

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