Advice to a Manager with an Autistic Worker, a Behavior Issue, and Intolerant Staff

workplace Oct 08, 2022

I received a message from the contact for of my site regarding a challenge a manager was having with an autistic employee. The initial message follows:

"I am a supervisor and have a high functioning employee with "Asperger's". I am going to call her Sue in the message as I cannot use her real name. I cannot divulge that Sue is on the spectrum to my other employees who are constantly complaining about how Sue ignores them, doesn't pic up on social cues, talks "to them" not "with them", etc. Do you have any resources for me as a supervisor to 1) help my other employees accept Sue without my telling them she has autism. 2) have any resources I could give Sue to read that might give her instructions as how interact with the other employees. I have an adult son with Asbergers, so I am confident and comfortable interacting with Sue, and she is with me."

This is my initial reply to gather more details:
First you deserve major kudos for the effort you are taking to help Sue. The world would...

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