Neurodiversity, Hidden Culture, and Learning the Language Training

Fate works in odd and mysterious ways. For a while I had been frustrated about having no clue about the impact my efforts in the adult autism world was having. Then I got an email which lead to a discussion. The outcome was Learning Tree is letting me build a neurodiversity course bases on my concepts and taking it mainstream into the tech and tech management space.

Course Summary on the Learning Tree site

The course introduces neurodiversity and recognizes that among the neurodistinct it is not just autism. But the focus of the course is on the stereotypical tech geek that most autism at work programs focus on. I go far beyond "those people are this way" and into ways the autistic mind perceives, process, and thinks. Building on the foundation of understanding students are also give simple easy to implement tips which will improve their communication with everyone, not just the autistic.

While aimed at the tech department and tech management it is also a great way to truly understand the range of thinking humans can have and help DEI get their neurodiversity program running. Understanding it is the way our brains work, not bad behavior or habits helps crystalize how the neurodistinct individuals are a marginalized group.

I frequently pinch myself to make sure I am not in an alternate universe as creating a course with an international training vendor is nothing I ever imagined. I definitely feel honored. I still have no clue about the impact I am making and it still leaves me frustrated. But, with Learning Tree I am sure it will grow faster and into more areas than if I did the traditional aspie thing of being a one person show and thinking I am the only one who can teach the ideas and concept I created.

Super excited to see where this journey goes.


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