Author, blogger, Facebook Live interviewer, speaker, Julie Hornok and her new book "United in Autism"

books Sep 09, 2018

I was lucky enough to meet Julie Hornok ( ) when LinkedIn suggested her as a connection and I clicked the button. I have become a firm believer that fate puts the right people in your path, but you have to take the action to claim fate's prize. I consider knowing Julie one of fate's prizes.

That initial connection led to corresponding and then to Julie interviewing me ( link to my media page of the interview ). I wasn't sure how the connection would work as my specialty is as a Neurodiverse Communication Specialist concentrating on the Autism at Work front. Julie's focus is toward moms that have children with Autism Spectrum Disorder ASD. Julie showed her innovative thinking by explaining her feeling that parents would benefit from hearing my easily digestible explanations of how think about and view things as an adult with Asperger's. We went with it and Julie was right! Parents found the peak into my thought processes and how I express myself in relationships an amazing glimpse into the mental world of their child.

Julie has a new book coming out called "United in Autism". It is an anthology of a huge range of parents and their experiences. Knowing Julie's unique skill at bringing new ideas and perspectives to the subject, I am looking forward to what the range of writers have to offer. I feel I know one of the contributors very well as he is a co-host of the podcast Autastic ( or listen to it on iTunes or a variety of other sources for you non-Apple people ). Kirk feels like family as I have come to know him through his sharing of experiences with his son JJ. Kirk brings a light hearted and authentic style to talking about his 19 year old non-verbal son. Even though JJ and I are about as far apart in the Neuro Cloud™ as possible, Kirk's matter of fact discussion has made me see traits in myself I never recognized. Knowing that Julie has a chapter from Kirk, I can't wait to read all the other unique people she has brought together in her book "United in Autism"

 Julie's book is releasing October 2, 2018 and is available for preorder now. I know this will be well worth reading.

Book Summary: A diagnosis of autism can rock a family's world. The toll it takes on everyone involved can be one of isolation; a child who doesn't respond to the world around them, a parent who gives dedication, patience and love often with no expressible love given back. It's a messy equation with huge emotional and financial costs. As a mother of a daughter with autism, Julie Hornok has experienced her fair share of these parenting challenges, and now brings together thirty inspiring and heartfelt stories from parents raising children from all places on the spectrum and from all corners of the world. These mothers and fathers have experienced some of the worst of what this disorder can do, but in seeking help, they found it...and more. Now they pay it forward by sharing their accounts and giving back to the autism community. United in Autism: Finding Strength inside the Spectrum offers understanding, comfort and hope as well as global allies and strength to those who feel alone.

*Notice: I make $.005 or something if you purchase the book from my link above. I'm an aspie and am driven to be 100% honest and transparent.


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