Subject Matter Advisor to Uptimize, the Digital Distribution Neurodiversity Training Specialist

For those of you familiar with the Autism at Work, you have most likely heard the name Uptimize. For those of you who are new to the movement to offer the neurodiverse the same opportunities as the neurotypical worker, Uptimize may be a resource you need.

Uptimize is the world's premier source for just in time, micro training modules on integrating the neurodiverse and autistic into the workplace. Their training is packaged into "toolkits" which focus on specific roles and what they need to know to work with or lead the neurodiverse. While others including myself offer a range of digital training, Uptimize has done a tremendous job creating well balanced training in the micro learning style which is now in vogue. Their training is a perfect solution for both the organization looking to develop and retain talent as well as groups wanting to create an end to end neurodiverse employment process.

I was recently asked to join Uptimize as a Subject Matter Expert on their advisor board. With Uptimize's training aligning with my own personal concepts I developed through a lifetime of Asperger's, it was an easy decision and a great match. While working with Ed Thomson, founder of Uptimize, will take some attention, my focus remains speaking, training, mentoring, and consulting in the field. With Uptimize's focus on digital training and my focus on live and in person work, Ed and I believe this is a wonderful match which brings benefits to both our companies and our clients.

Happy to be working with Ed and Uptimize. Super excited to see where this new direction in my Neurodiversity Communication Specialist career goes. Thanks to Ed and Uptimize for your faith to give me this opportunity.

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