Autism's Uncanny Valley, The Curse of Being High Functioning/Low Support

Uncategorized May 14, 2019


In this paper I talk about an effect I have experienced personally and many of my Asperger's friends agree to having similar experiences. This curse comes about when as an autistic person I can mask and blend in or even excel in a neurotypically aligned  environment. I get accepted as one of the social tribe. But when some obvious trait associated with autism appears, and it will, the table is turned and I am worse than an outsider. I am an imposter.

I believe that the goal of making an autistic child indistinguishable from a neurotypical kid long term can have the effect of setting them up to regularly fall into the Uncanny Valley of Autism. Instead of trying to transform neurodiverse kids into neurotypical it would be much healthier to teach pride in neurodiversity, but also that methods, tools, and approaches to interact with neurotypicals must be learned. Long term the child will still be autistic either way. Just one way is with pride and confidence and the other is with shame of never measuring up.

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