Lori Saitz gives you an overview of a conversation we had regarding the neurodiverse being a different culture

Uncategorized Mar 08, 2019

 Lori and I were recently introduced by a mutual friend. Lori teaches people how to network effectively not only at the events you think of, but also in the course of their normal workday activities. She ends up coaching a lot of people out of the tech world. She has found the challenges she has to overcome tends to vary greatly between the business and tech sides of an organization and never understood the whys of the challenges that were common on the tech side.

Our mutual friend Mitch felt my neurodiverse concepts and communication strategies were what Lori was missing and the motivation to connect us. This video is Lori's impression and some learning points from our first conversation together.


Thanks Lori. I so much appreciate your efforts in learning about the tech mind instead of wishing we would just learn to be the "right" way.

Learn more about Lori on her company's site www.zenrabbit.com


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