Neuro Cloud™ Survey and Chart: Better understanding of real world interaction with the Neurodistinct (or anyone)

I came up with this idea after seeing a number of tests/surveys on the internet designed to determine if you likely autistic or spectrum leaning. While I found them interesting and useful in convincing myself the doctor was right in my diagnosis. As I dug deeper into Asperger's, autism, and neurodiversity it became obvious to me that the low to high function continuum model does not represent the experience of living autistic. Further, it gives people a very distorted idea of a condition that has been a very beneficial part of human advancement. Based on my perception from living with Asperger's, I realized my years of data and visualization work could solve this problem with an easy to interpret chart designed for multi-variate data. This Neuro Cloud™ Survey and Charts is proving to be a very effective tool in understanding others, neurodistinct or just part of the neurodiverse cloud of humanity.

Interesting as I was finishing up the first round of work on this project Seamus who is a friend in autism from the UK sent me a link to an article on a science paper. The paper is "Quantifying the Optimal Structure of the Autism Phenotype". In it they agree the dimensional approach as in the Neuro Cloud™ method is a more accurate model than the traditional categorical, high/low function method in common use.

***Two notes. 1) the actual survey is hosted on a different one of my domains due to technology incompatibility. This makes it appear smaller inside the window of this post. You can go to a full sized version on my site
2) When you submit the survey and it redisplays with your answers and none marked in yellow everything worked. The link to see  your results is on the top left of the survey just above the Neuro Cloud™ logo

The HTML code to allow embedding from my outside site seems to have been disabled. The Neuro Cloud™ Interactional Indicator™ Survey is still alive and available by going to my site


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