"Why Does Daddy Look so Sad?" by Jude Morrow. Great Wisdom Whether Neurotypical or Neurodistinct

Uncategorized Apr 29, 2020

Just a quick mini review of Jude Marrow's book "Why Does Daddy Look so Sad?" So far I have only skimmed it and read sections of random chapters. I am already so impressed I felt it worth sharing initial impressions and thoughts.

Jude is autistic with a presentation which previously would have been called Asperger's. As is common with many of us bright autistic boys, poor social grace and diminished ability to sense and interpret emotion lead to disruptive behavior and being branded a trouble maker in school. Jude had a very different experience than I did with a 30 year more advanced school system. While I continued being treated as a bright trouble maker, Jude was give extra support. This became something which in adulthood both helped and hurt in dealing with his own autism.

Links to purchase the book on Amazon:

Why Does Daddy Look So Sad? by Jude Morrow - Paperback

Why Does Daddy Look so Sad? by Jude Morrow - Kindle

Jude had an event which made him recognize the need to face his autism when he was told his son asked "Why does Daddy always look so sad?" While my circumstances were different,  I connect with this moment strongly. It seems much like when I was "encouraged" in my 50's to find out why Tim is always mad. It was a pivotal moment in both cases and Jude does a wonderful job explaining our autistic thinking around so many of the motivations which produce our disconnected behavior.

Whether you are neurotypical or neurodistinct or any other label you prefer for a group identity in the Neuro Cloud™ of all humanity, "Why Does Daddy Look so Sad" gives tremendous insight and clarity blended with a compelling story of personal growth in a way only an aspie could explain. If you are looking to understand the being behind an autistic brain, child or adult, Jude's book is highly recommended. 

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